Sunday, December 20, 2009

June 2009

I brought home a friend from Italy for a few days. It was a highlight of the year I guess. Domenico was able to accomplish one of his dreams. A lot of people helped him out. My mom helped a ton and so did x missionaries. He had a huge checklist of things to do. In his words he wanted to 1. take a walk 2. get some gelato and 3. eat some pizza 4. stop by the White House and speak with Obama 5. See the statue of liberty and buy 50 statue of liberty figurines. We were able to check most of the things off of his list.

Fly for the first time...Check.

Listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir live...check.

Go see animals with Luc...check.

Eat at a Japanese Steak House where they cook right in front of you

(yep, that's him running away from the table)

Eating at this restaurant actually wasn't on the list but it's clear we were wise to add it

See the Statue of Liberty...CHECK.

I want to thank a lot of people for helping Domenico live his dream of coming to America. Especially my mom. Thanks mom.


  1. you forgot to mention how mad he got at the post office employee because they only had simpsons stamps

  2. I did forget that. I didn't mention him hitting on the Los Hermanos waitress either.